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Our community has been hit hard by COVID-19, and it will take a united effort to make sure no one is left behind as we rally to recover together.

Every penny of your $150 gift, plus the matched donation from Johnston Group, goes directly to supporting the many front line agencies in need, right here in Winnipeg.

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$150 dollars goes a long way! You can take care of Winnipeg by helping kids be all they can be, moving people from poverty to possibility, and building healthy communities.

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Money management training that helps Winnipeggers move from poverty to possibility by teaching how to reduce debt, budget and build savings for lifelong fi nancial stability.

You can connect youth with a mental health promotion worker, to help them develop positive coping skills and avoid pitfalls like addiction.

Just $3 a Week

Providing positive role models - United Way Winnipeg

You can connect a family with emergency supports like healthy food, diapers and hygiene supplies that they can’t afford on their own.

Just $3 a Week

You can offer support for teens with mood disorders.

You can provide unemployed Winnipeggers living on a low income with on-the-job training so they can learn new skills, secure a job and work their way out of poverty.

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