Generous donors give families hope and human kindness as they search for a better life

Volunteer leaders allocate $32,000 raised through

People from around the world have rallied and raised nearly $32,000 for Winnipeg agencies on the front lines of caring for refugee claimants during their first 30 days in Manitoba – a critical time of fear uncertainty and upheaval.

After 30 days, families with refugee claims can apply for work permits and get help to become more independent.

Over the last few months, United Way has brought together local newcomer organizations to better understand the situation and learn about gaps or stresses on services to determine where donations could make the biggest difference.

These conversations coupled with generous donations created opportunities for Community Investment volunteers to approve two new grants that build on a network of newcomer resources already supported by United Way donors through 23 agency partners:

First, donations are helping refugee youth in temporary shelters prepare for school and life in Canada through the Introduction to Canadian Education program at Newcomers Employment & Education Development Services (NEEDS).

Donations will also provide newly arrived refugees with basic needs like safe shelter, clothing and food, along with personal support and settlement services through the Manitoba Interfaith Immigration Council (Welcome Place)a United Way agency partner since 2005.

Thank you to everyone who donates to You ARE making a difference by creating a welcoming community we can all be proud to call home.

Newcomer family in Winnipeg.

Tarek Al Ali, whose family fled from Syria, is thrilled his daughters can participate in the Introduction to Canadian Education program.

“The most important thing in Canada is to get education. We like that they are learning and integrating into the community. “ Mawra Al Ali and her sisters are happy too. “We are able to ask lots of questions and they have helped us feel safe and comfortable in Canada. I get to meet other kids and make friends for the first time in Canada.``