Complaints policy

United Way operates according to the highest standards of ethics and integrity and is committed to volunteerism, accountability, accessibility, impartiality, being apolitical and respecting the rights of:

  • Donors
  • Community groups and individuals (including service providers)
  • Every officer, Board member, volunteer, employee.

This policy and procedure applies to complaints received by United Way Winnipeg about our activities, programs, services, staff or volunteers.

Complaints about a specific agency that United Way Winnipeg funds should be directed to the agency itself.

If your complaint is not addressed to your satisfaction by the agency and you wish to communicate this to United Way Winnipeg, you may contact our Vice President, Community Investment.

United Way believes that every stakeholder, including donors, funders, supporters, agencies, and the public has the right to address concerns and complaints through a defined process with confidence that such concerns or complaints will be dealt with in a timely, fair, respectful and accountable manner.

For the purposes of this policy a complaint is defined as an expression of dissatisfaction about the service, actions, or lack of action by United Way Winnipeg as an organization or a staff member or volunteer acting on behalf of United Way Winnipeg.

Examples include but are not limited to:

  • perceived failure to do something agreed upon;
  • failure to observe policy or procedures;
  • error made by a staff member/volunteer; or
  • unfair or discourteous actions/statements by staff member/volunteer;

Anyone personally affected can submit their complaint and it will be reviewed in accordance with this procedure:

  • If you have a complaint or concern, you are encouraged to talk with the staff person or volunteer who is most connected to the concern/situation. You can also submit a complaint/concern in writing (by mail, fax) or emailing to
  • Your complaint/concern will be directed to the Vice President, Internal Relations and Operations who will review all complaints/concerns and ensure that the appropriate individual is engaged.
  • Once the complaint is received, the concern will be documented along with your name and contact information, the date, a description of the complaint, what you request to resolve the complaint and the final resolution or decision. You will be kept informed if there are more steps involved in addressing your concern.
  • United Way will handle all complaints in a timely and, to the extent possible, confidential manner. We will only give information to those people necessary for the investigation and resolution of the complaint and only to the extent necessary.
  • United Way will investigate and appropriately resolve all complaints as soon as possible with every effort made to review and respond to a complaint within 30 days.
  • There will be no repercussions to someone bringing forward a complaint in good faith. All United Way employees have a responsibility to have a working knowledge of the complaint resolution process and to cooperate with the processing of complaints.
  • A summary of the complaints received including number, type and disposition of the complaints received will be reported annually to the United Way Board of Trustees.

If you need further assistance:

Please email United Way or call us at 204-477-5360.

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