Calandra’s story

Your donation means more job skills and money management training so people like Calandra can stand on their own, above the cycle of poverty.

Calandra struggled to find work and make ends meet after high school.

“I was kind of lost. I tried to get work, but it was difficult. I didn’t have the skills.”

Calandra found an employment program supported by SEED Winnipeg, a United Way agency partner, and was able to achieve stability in her life.

“I don’t have to worry anymore, like if my son needs something…I’m so grateful for that program.”

She learned money management and job skills, and how to set goals. She achieved stability for her, and her son, and today works as a junior facilitator at SEED, inspiring other youth to learn important skills for life.

“With the skills I was taught, it gives me the opportunity to share with my family. It’s good to share what you learn.”

The generosity of Winnipeggers like you brings more families like Calandra’s to a place of stability, making our entire community stronger.

Thank you.