Campaign 2018 Kickoff: Because We Love Winnipeg!

United Way Winnipeg announces biggest campaign goal and unprecedented incentive for donors

United Way Winnipeg announced a $21 million goal for the city-wide fundraising campaign to almost 2,000 Winnipeggers at the 15th annual United Way Winnipeg Plane Pull and Campaign Kickoff on Friday.

Volunteer Campaign Chair Barb Gamey & her 2018 Campaign Cabinet announce a bold $21,000,000 for our community!

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“This is the largest goal for Winnipeg’s community fund ever, and with your help we will achieve it,” said Barb Gamey, United Way Winnipeg’s 2018 volunteer Campaign Chair. Seventy workplace teams of 20 began pulling a C-130 Hercules and a Boeing 727 at Red River College’s Stevenson Campus to raise money for our community after Barb made the goal announcement.

“We are here together because we love Winnipeg. We care, and we have compassion,” said Barb. “Because you love Winnipeg you are changing lives in profound ways through United Way Winnipeg.”

See below for a full list of Plane Pull results!

Barb also announced The Leadership Challenge – an unprecedented matching incentive for United Way Winnipeg donors who decide to support our city’s community fund at the Leadership level. A Leadership donor gives $1,200 per year (less than $50 per paycheque).

The Leadership Challenge, made possible by Payworks, matches the donation of new Leadership-level donors, up to $1,200, turning their donation into $2,400.

“That doubles the help you give. Double the mentorship and mental health support for young people. More families rising out of poverty, and stronger communities across our city,” said Barb.

It's a day of high fives at Plane Pull! - United Way Winnipeg

Because we love Winnipeg

Also, as part of The Leadership Challenge, existing Leadership-level donors who increase their annual donation will see that increase matched up to $300.

United Way Winnipeg’s network of programs and agency partners are accessed by thousands of Winnipeggers each day. On top of keeping that network strong, the Campaign will make it possible to bring more support into our community, including:

  • 4000 more young people getting mental health support
  • 1800 more kids connecting with life-changing mentorship
  • 2800 more people learning job and money management skills
  • 2700 more families made stronger through family resource centres

“We love our city, and our fellow Winnipeggers. When we give back to ensure everyone has a chance to thrive it is an expression of that love,” said Barb.

Over 600 workplaces across our city will take part in United Way Winnipeg’s 2018 Campaign. Thanks to an operating grant from the Province of Manitoba, all of the money pledged by generous Winnipeggers goes into our community.

It’s not too late to fundraise!

You can still fundraise for the next week if you want to win a toque (raise $50+) or a duffel bag (raise $150+). There’s a special bonus if everyone on your team raises at least $50!

You can also still give to this event, or see who the top fundraising teams & individuals are.


Team pull times

2018 Plane Pull Morning Results - United Way Winnipeg
2018 Plane Pull Afternoon Results - United Way Winnipeg

Thank you to all our Plane Pull sponsors!

2018 Plane Pull Sponsors - United Way Winnipeg

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