Resources for Labour unions amid COVID-19

This is a challenging time for workers in Winnipeg

As the COVID-19 pandemic progresses, many workers are experiencing changes to their work hours and  work arrangements, and often what comes along with these changes are unexpected personal and family impacts.

During this precarious time, some of our Sisters, Brothers and Friends are pending strike action, some are on the line after having been locked out, and many others may be unsure what the pending impacts will be on a longer-term scale.

The United Way Winnipeg Labour Program works in partnership with the Winnipeg Labour Council and the Canadian Labour Congress – Prairie Region, and together, are advocating for support services during the pandemic are essential to ensuring there are services available when needed.

These services includes access to social and community based social services to help connect workers to supports when they are needed – during the day, or during the night, whenever a member is in need.

Resources available to all Union members, their families, friends and communities.

211 Manitoba

211 Manitoba is a tool that all Manitobans can use to access services. Union executive members, Shop Stewards, Lead Stewards and Servicing Representatives can use 211 Manitoba when working with, and responding to, Union members’ requests and needs in the workplace.

‘When the Paycheque Stops’

This guide assists union members and their families during a difficult time, with tips on communicating the changes, evaluating the impacts, and direct actions to help move forward with your best interests in mind, and connections to provincial resources to help get you started.

Canadian Labour Congress COVID-19 Resource Centre

Canada’s unions are standing with workers and their families during this unprecedented pandemic. It’s time to support one another and join together to ensure that everyone receives the support they need to get through this current crisis. This portal will provide links to our latest statements and actions you can take right now.

United Way Winnipeg’s COVID-19 Community Response Fund

United Way Winnipeg has launched a fundraising effort to help our community’s COVID-19 response. Donations to the COVID-19 Response Fund will help community social service agencies respond to the needs of vulnerable populations, making every effort to prevent spread of the virus.

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