Help Winnipeggers in this global crisis

Help the most vulnerable as our community responds to COVID-19.

Help provide immediate support for agencies who work with Winnipeg’s most vulnerable

Every dollar raised by United Way Winnipeg will go directly to community agencies and programs who are supporting Winnipeggers

A Winnipeg senior feeds her dog.

COVID-19 is having far-reaching impact across our city.

For those able, please give what you can. Donating to United Way Winnipeg makes it easy for a range of agencies to get the support they need to care for community members.

Together we can keep our community strong.
COVID-19 resources in Winnipeg.

As the situation evolves, so too will the needs in the community

United Way Winnipeg will be in ongoing discussions to identify how best to respond. United Way Winnipeg will report back on impact.

“We come together as a community realizing that we are truly stronger together. We take action to make sure that no one is left behind. That’s just what Winnipeggers do.” says Connie Walker, President and CEO of United Way Winnipeg.

We know that when we work together, we can make a difference.

When you give to United Way Winnipeg you will help provide:

Basic Needs

Basic Needs - United Way Winnipeg

Ensure people have access to life’s essentials, such as food.

Help for seniors

Help for seniors - United Way Winnipeg

Ensure that while vulnerable people are isolated, they are also supported.

Community services

Community Services - United Way Winnipeg

Ensure that community partners can continue to do their vital local work.

Mental health support

Mental Health Support - United Way Winnipeg

Enable crisis lines and system navigation services.

Support for volunteers

Support for volunteers - United Way Winnipeg

There are amazing people rallying to support others. They need our help too.

As the situation changes, United Way Winnipeg will work with our community partners to adapt.

If you’re able, please support United Way Winnipeg


Social distancing forces us apart, but compassion defies distance.

Frequently Asked Questions

United Way Winnipeg’s COVID-19 Community Response Fund is open to donations from any individual, corporation, or foundation. If you have questions, please contact

You can donate to the COVID-19 Community Response Fund right here.

All giving is good and will make a difference, however you choose to do it.

100% of the dollars donated to Winnipeg’s COVID-19 Community Response Fund will be distributed directly to community agencies that are working with vulnerable populations, including individuals who are experiencing homelessness and families under stress in our community.

By giving through United Way Winnipeg, you can be sure your generosity gets to where it is needed most. United Way Winnipeg will be working in collaboration with The Winnipeg Foundation to coordinate our investments to ensure that we are making the biggest impact possible.

Your donation will go directly into the community, and to where it will make the biggest difference possible.

Working closely with community partners, we will be able to maximize the impact of all donations. We will update the community as to where donations are being invested and what difference they are making.

Our agency and community partners  that provide vital supports such as food, mental health supports and support to isolated seniors, are telling us that given the COVID-19 response requirements, they will need community support to continue helping the most vulnerable – who are disproportionately affected by this crisis.

These agencies are responding as necessary and adjusting their options for services in real time, but their capacity will be stretched in the coming days, weeks and months.

Poverty & Homelessness Low-income families cannot afford to stock up on food and supplies, and are more likely to be severely impacted by closed schools and reduced shift work. Shelters are needing to find more space to support those who are homeless and observe social distancing recommendations. Food to go, hygiene and cleaning supplies are needed, among other things.

Families Under Stress Many families are unable to purchase the necessary food, personal hygiene and cleaning products to protect their health and well-being.  So too, many are experiencing temporary lay-offs and economic strain.

Mental Health Psycho-social supports are always critical in a crisis. Access to immediate counselling supports goes hand in hand with a drastic shift in our regular routines, especially something as unprecedented as extended self-isolation. Isolation can trigger anxieties, as well as force people into uncomfortable or unsafe environments. The needs continue to change and we are working closely with public health authorities, community agencies, community groups and others to assist with social services as this health crisis escalates.

Seniors Are the most vulnerable in terms of exposure and whose main source of interaction is group programs and public spaces (libraries, malls).

Charitable organizations that are working in the areas of homelessness, youth homelessness, supporting families, and mental health.

The needs continue to change, and we’re working with the COVID-19 Community Response Team and communicating with our agency and community partners, and others, to provide support as this health crisis escalates.

We will be ramping up investment as soon as funds are available for the areas that we’ve identified.

Once funds are available, investments can be made within days for areas with high urgency.

As this pandemic is likely to have a long window, we will also be working with our partners to ensure that we have resources available as they are needed. As the service delivery requirements of our agency partners evolve, we will be nimble as well, adjusting our strategy accordingly to meet the changing demands of this crisis.

United Way Winnipeg is in close communication with agencies on the front line. Agencies have told us that the best way our community can help is with monetary donations.

You can donate to the United Way Winnipeg COVID-19 Caring Community Fund right here.

For a list of other items agencies need, please contact our Community Engagement Team at

Please contact United Way Winnipeg’s Community Engagement Team at to be matched with one of our agency partners.

We are advising anyone interested in volunteering to register with Volunteer Manitoba.

From an informal perspective, take care of those closest to you. Check in on your neighbours and offer support if you are able, while heeding the advice of public health authorities related to social distancing.

Not at all.

United Way Winnipeg donors support a stable network of over 100 agencies in our community that provides a range of programs and services and is there for every Winnipegger.

COVID-19 presents a challenge for the most vulnerable in our community. There is an urgent situation in our city, and people are asking how they can help. Winnipeggers created United Way Winnipeg as a way to be there for each other when it matters most, and this is one of those times.
The Fund is intended to provide a coordinated and efficient response to support front line serving agencies that are working with vulnerable populations impacted by COVID-19.


The work they do is critical and relied on by thousands of Winnipeggers every single day. Thanks to United Way Winnipeg donors, all other commitments to agency partners are secure.

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