Expanded emergency funding for rural and northern Manitoba seniors

Helping more seniors through the COVID-19 pandemic

We are proud to update you on some critical investments in the community to support isolated and vulnerable older adults. On March 29, the Prime Minister announced $9,000,000 in funding to support older adults through the Government of Canada’s New Horizons for Seniors Program.

These funds are being administered and disbursed through United Way Centraide Canada. We received funding to invest in both Winnipeg as well as rural and northern Manitoba.

To help us understand the current context for older adults during the COVID-19 pandemic and make investment decisions, two advisory groups were formed with stakeholders with deep knowledge in the area.

Federal funds come to Manitoba through United Way Winnipeg to help seniors through the COVID-19 pandemic.

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In April we launched an innovative call centre, triage, and resource partnership we developed with 311, A&O: Support Services for Older Adults, Winnipeg Harvest, CAA, CMHA, family resource centres, and other community agencies on April 14.

This is one of the initiatives that has been supported through this fund. Since that time, there have been many conversations with the advisory groups and multiple agencies and organizations to determine additional investments in Winnipeg and across Manitoba.

Emergency supplies.

Funding for seniors extends into rural and northern Manitoba

This week, we finalized allocations to 27 agencies in Winnipeg and across Manitoba.

These investments are focused on supporting older adults with food hampers, prepared meals, mental health supports, specialized social services, tax filing, wellness kits, newcomer supports, and technology programs.

In Winnipeg, 9 organizations received funding, including agencies like Good Neighbours Active Living Centre, Gwen Sector Creative Living Centre, Aboriginal Health and Wellness, and Jewish Child and Family Service, with a total investment of $170,000.

In rural and northern Manitoba, we approved allocations to 8 agencies in Thompson, The Pas, Swan River, Dauphin, Riverton, and Selkirk, including organizations like Riverton and District Friendship Centre, Ma-Mow-We-Tak Friendship Centre Inc. in Thompson, Dauphin Multi-Purpose Senior Centre, The Pas Community Renewal Corporation and CMHA, with a total investment of $110,000.

In addition, we have been working in partnership with United Way Winkler & District and United Way Morden & District to administer $55,000 in funding that has been allocated to 10 agencies such as Morden Services For Seniors, Winkler Activity Centre, and Pembina Counselling Centre, by their local decision-making stakeholder groups.

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