GenNext: Moving forward, giving back.

GenNext are the hand raisers and the game changers.

We are the leaders—and future leaders—who make a difference in Winnipeg.

Come network with community-minded people who share a passion for our city—roll up your sleeves for hands-on volunteer experiences, mingle with those building Winnipeg’s future, make valuable & lasting contacts, and change lives, right here where you live, work & play!

  • Doing Good

    The chance to do hands-on volunteering and to give back to your community.

  • Networking

    Get to know the larger GenNext network and develop valuable, lasting contacts.

  • Connections

    Exposure to key corporate and community leaders.

  • Understanding

    A deeper understanding of our city’s challenges and how you can help.

Workplace Chapters

GenNext Chapters offer community-minded young employees an opportunity to take the lead in their workplace on initiating activities that connect them to their community and build a deeper understanding of the needs in our city.

Workplaces can start a Chapter to demonstrate social purpose and inspiration, make new connections and achieve personal growth—all while having fun and making a difference in our community.

Why start a workplace GenNext Chapter?

  • Gain a deeper relationship with your community as you contribute to its health and strength and help build collective ownership for our city
  • Volunteer directly with local programs that align with your interests
  • Develop valuable, lasting contacts within a network of GenNexters throughout Winnipeg
  • Gain hands-on experience with event planning, public speaking and volunteer management
  • Build and diversify your community profile and resume

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