Going further for Winnipeg kids and families.

After listening to Winnipeggers United Way presents a 3-year plan with clear goals to do more for kids and families still struggling in our city.

For the first time in United Way Winnipeg’s history the annual fundraising campaign is evolving to focus on three-year goals to address the growing challenges faced by kids and families in Winnipeg today. The plan – Three Years for a Better Winnipeg – is a direct response to conversations with nearly 2,000 Winnipeggers during United Way’s 50th anniversary last year.

On Thursday hundreds of children, parents and teachers came together for a community breakfast at Hugh John Macdonald School to share in this exciting plan to give more help in four important priority areas, including a commitment to:

      • 1,800 MORE mentors for kids – role models, advisors and friends who teach by example and help kids make healthy choices, do better in school, and develop important life and leadership skills.
      • Mental health support for 4,000 more young people – help them manage better at home, at school and in the community.
    • Connect 2,800 MORE people with job skills and money management training – helping them earn a steady income, reduce debt, manage their money, and create stability for their families.
    • Help 2,700 MORE families find support close to home – by extending the reach of neighbourhood family centres, which are hubs of the community and lifelines for families, especially those in low-income situations.

“Our campaign remains, as always, a way for all of us to have fun, celebrate our city and donate to help our fellow Winnipeggers. But this year is actually the beginning of a three-year journey tied directly to our new plan,” United Way of Winnipeg’s 2016 Campaign Chair Neil Besner told the community members gathered for breakfast.

Neil stressed United Way will continue to support the network of programs and services that help thousands every day in Winnipeg, while going further to achieve the goals for more kids and families.

Four Winnipeggers – Brandon, Shania, Mary, and Malofo – whose lives have been changed by United Way programs and services related to the new priority areas – shared their stories and thanked Winnipeggers for their generosity.

Neil said all Winnipeggers can get involved to help make achieve the goals they inspired.

“And how do we do it? We do what Winnipeggers do best… we get involved in being part of the Winnipeg we want to see,” Neil said.

“It doesn’t matter how big or small your gift is. EVERY gift – every dollar – you give will help change someone’s life.”

Please give today to do more for over 11,000 kids and families in Winnipeg.

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