How to run your own fundraiser for United Way Winnipeg

Have a great idea for a United Way Winnipeg fundraising event?

Checklist for Success

Here’s a helpful checklist to help you plan it!

1. Create your event concept and let us know

Do something that you’re passionate about and will generate excitement and engagement from others.

A catchy name will help. Puns can work. So can alliteration (words beginning with the same letter: Super Size Scavenger Hunt for instance). Please consult the Event Guidelines section to ensure your idea is in line with our policies, values and goals.


2. Confirm your event details and create a plan

Confirm a venue well in advance. It’s also a good idea to see if any other events are happening in the community at the same time, so you’re not competing for attendance.

Make an event plan. Think about all the steps you have to take to coordinate and promote your event. Create a work-back schedule from the event date itself.

Once you have your concept, it’s time to fill out your Event Application and send it to us.


3. It’s a fundraiser!

How will you raise money and secure funds? Are you selling tickets? If so, where will they be available? How will you track guests? EventBrite can be a useful tool. Perhaps you’re running a silent auction, or simply asking people to donate money. There are dozens of ways to make it fun.

You are responsible for collecting all fundraising and sponsorship monies. Please remit one cheque of all the proceeds of your event to United Way Winnipeg (see Payment section for details).


4. Keep it legal

You may need permits, licenses and/or insurance to do what you’re planning. Check with the City (call 311). All events in support of United Way Winnipeg must abide by all Manitoba gaming and liquor laws.

Please refer to the Liquor, Gaming and Cannabis Authority of Manitoba at

United Way Winnipeg can act on your behalf to obtain a gaming (raffle) license if required with a minimum eight weeks’ notice. Contact to begin the process.


5. Confirmation

Once you’ve registered your event, we will provide you with a letter of support. This is often helpful, and in some cases required, when securing a venue, auction prizes and sponsorship, and may be required to obtain permits and licenses.


6. Promote it!

We can supply United Way Winnipeg-branded banners, coin boxes, brochures and stickers to enhance your event. We cannot create custom materials.

If you’d like to use our materials, please make sure to complete the “Promotional Materials” area of the Event Application when registering your event, and a member of our Events Team will contact you when these items are ready for pick up.

For use of our logo, please refer to the Event Guidelines.

Consider sending a “Save the Date” email to your audience, raise awareness with posters, submit your event to online events calendars, and use your social channels to spread the word. We’ll even amplify your reach. United Way Winnipeg has over 24,000 combined followers and can mention your event, website or event page.

Email to request a mention.


7. Say thanks!

“Thank you.” These are perhaps the two most important words in fundraising. Thank guests, sponsors, volunteers, service providers, and supporters. They’ll appreciate the recognition and remember it should you wish to work with them again in the future.

Pro tips

  • Looking to turn your participants into fundraisers as well?

    We can help set up an Event web page using our peer-to-peer fundraising platform. From there, your guests will be able to ask for donations from their own friends and family. Your supporters will receive an immediate electronic tax receipt.

  • A note on Sponsorship

    If your event is big enough, you might be able to solicit sponsors. Please contact United Way Winnipeg’s Events Team before making sponsorship asks. United Way Winnipeg cannot solicit sponsorships on your behalf.

Event Guidelines



It is solely your responsibility to publicly promote your event. United Way Winnipeg will not distribute promotional information to existing donors or provide donor contact information.

United Way Winnipeg will not contact the media on your behalf, though you are welcome to do so.

United Way Winnipeg’s Logo

United Way Winnipeg is a registered trademark. You must ask permission, in advance, for the use of our name and logo on any promotional materials and advertising.

United Way Winnipeg reserves the right to withdraw consent to use our name or logo at any time if such use could damage our reputation in the community.

Authorized use of United Way Winnipeg’s logo or name does not constitute an endorsement of any specific business, product or service.

For a business to be eligible to use our logo on promotional materials, your event must anticipate raising at least $1,000.

Tax Information

Please do not promise any kind of receipt without contacting United Way Winnipeg’s Events Team at 204-477-5360.

Your donors, participants and sponsors may be eligible to receive tax receipts. You personally, as the convener of the fundraising event, will not receive a tax receipt for total donations, because they are the sum of gifts made by your donors, participants and sponsors.

It’s important that you understand the rules about tax receipts BEFORE planning your fundraiser so that you can comfortably and correctly communicate Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) policies to your participants and donors.

United Way Winnipeg is a registered charity and is eligible to issue income tax receipts providing certain criteria are met. We are obligated to adhere to CRA regulations regarding the issuance of all tax receipts. Failure to do so could result in the revocation of our charitable status.

Income tax receipts are issued to donors who make gifts to charities. A gift is a transfer of property (usually cash) where the donor receives no benefit in return. The donor is the source of the gift.

We are pleased to provide a tax receipt for all gifts of $20 or more, providing the donor did not receive a benefit in return for their donation. The total value of issued tax receipts cannot exceed the net proceeds of the event received by United Way Winnipeg.

More information can be found on the Canada Revenue CRA web site.

Please carefully review the Tax Receipt FAQs in the following section.


Tax Receipts

Can tax receipts be issued for the purchase of an admission ticket?

United Way Winnipeg can not issue tax receipts for admission or registration fees for events.

Can a receipt be issued for a donation of service?

Services (time, skills or efforts) are not property and therefore do not qualify for tax receipts.

What are gifts-in-kind, and are they eligible for tax receipts?

In-kind gifts are physical property and, in most cases, eligible to receive tax receipts under CRA regulations.

In order to issue a receipt for gifts-in-kind, United Way Winnipeg requires an invoice or letter on company letterhead, including the company’s Manitoba business registration number, with a description of the donated item, clearly identifying the value.

If an individual purchases an item for donation to an event to facilitate fundraising, we require the original retail receipt from the retailer where the item was purchased.

Donations of art may qualify as a gift-in-kind. If an individual artist is donating artwork, the artwork must be accompanied by a professional appraisal at the artist’s expense.


Is sponsorship eligible for a tax receipt?

No. There is a benefit to the business in the form of promotion or advertising so sponsorship is therefore not eligible for a tax receipt. The businesses may, however, claim their contribution as an advertising expense. We can provide a letter of acknowledgement upon request, as proof of payment.

Can United Way Winnipeg’s name be used if looking for sponsorship?

Yes. We can provide a letter of acknowledgment that indicates our support for your fundraising event. The sponsorship ask must be positioned as sponsoring your event in support of United Way Winnipeg, not as sponsorship of United Way Winnipeg.

Can United Way Winnipeg look for sponsors for my event?

No. United Way Winnipeg cannot solicit sponsorships on behalf of your event. Please contact our Events Team if you intend to solicit sponsorships for your fundraising event.

  • Payment

    All cheques should be payable to:
    United Way Winnipeg

    Our mailing address is:
    United Way Winnipeg
    580 Main Street
    Winnipeg, Manitoba R3B 1C7

  • Support

    Contact the Events Team:

    Regular office hours are:
    Monday through Friday
    8:30 am to 4:30 pm

Event Application

Thank you for organizing an event in support of United Way Winnipeg. Please use this form to tell us a little more about your activity.
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • :
  • Promotional Materials

    If your event is approved, we can provide support materials. Please indicate which items you are interested in.
  • Publicity Information

    All promotional material bearing the United Way Winnipeg name and/or logo must be sent to us for approval in advance of distribution or display.
  • Agreement

  • the event organizer, agrees to be responsible for all planning, organizing and implementation of the special event/program on
  • to benefit United Way Winnipeg. The special event/ program shall be described and publicly referred to as follows:
  • The event organizer agrees to use only the authorized name or logo of United Way Winnipeg in any media or printed materials relating to the special event/program (if name is to be used). Event organizer agrees to send all material with the United Way Winnipeg name or logo to the Events Team for approval prior to printing, displaying or distributing. No cost or liability associated with this event shall be incurred by United Way Winnipeg. The event organizer agrees to handle any monetary transactions and to present the proceeds to United Way Winnipeg within 30 days of the event. The event organizer agrees to obtain all necessary permits, licenses or insurance. The event organizer agrees to follow United Way Winnipeg’s receipting policies that adhere to Canada Revenue Agency regulations. United Way Winnipeg reserves the right to withdraw the use of its name at any time. If the event is cancelled, the event organizer agrees to notify United Way Winnipeg prior to the original event day.
  • Event Organizer
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
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