Employment is a key factor in breaking the cycle of poverty. You can help ignite the potential of Winnipeggers, so our entire community can shine bright.

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Poverty is a complex, relentless problem in our city, impacting 1 in 8 Winnipeggers.

Decent work means people can build better lives for themselves and their families. But the reality is, jobs aren’t always easy to find—especially if you’re new to the country, or you have a disability, or you’ve been involved with the justice system.

We all want the chance to succeed, no matter our ability or background. By working together, we can connect Winnipeggers from all walks of life with opportunities and tools to enrich their financial futures.

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Keep our network of support strong

You donation will help 125+ agencies and programs in Winnipeg.

  • Life and employment skills programs to make people more employable

  • Financial literacy for lower-income Winnipeggers

  • Asset building, money management, and financial inclusion programs that teach people how to budget and save

  • Social enterprise programs to help businesses do well by doing good

  • Help filling taxes for lower-income Winnipeggers, so they can get the benefits and tax credits they deserve

Everyone needs a hand at one point or another. With your help, more Winnipeggers can have the chance to build the lives they want for themselves and their families.

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