Our community’s plan for a better Winnipeg

We’re achieving so much together and there’s more we can do! Here’s the plan & why our community needs you.

Together we’re making great things happen!

This past year, Winnipeggers like you generously raised over $21 million, providing stable support to a critically important network of programs and services that help thousands. These supports are there to help people every single day; support that saves lives and changes lives all across our city. And together we’ve got a plan for going further to help even more kids & families. There’s been real progress

It’s a great start, and together we can do more.

There are kids & families in Winnipeg counting on us.

We know we’ve set ambitious goals—because they need to be. If together we grow the campaign, we can make families stronger and give Winnipeg kids more possibilities.

You can make the difference!

Together we can do more, for a better Winnipeg!

Beyond the stable support you already make possible, the community’s plan calls for us to go further to help more Winnipeg kids and families.

Imagine if 4000 more young people could get mental health support & 1800 more youth could connect with mentors.

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Imagine if 2800 more Winnipeggers could learn job skills & be prepared to manage their finances, so they could work their way out of poverty.

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Imagine if 2700 more Winnipeg families could get help close to home at family resource centres.

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EricaOur Community’s Plan for a Better Winnipeg