Special statement on COVID-19

A message from United Way Winnipeg President & CEO Connie Walker on the community response to novel coronavirus.

These are challenging and uncertain times. As Winnipeggers, I know we will come together to respond thoughtfully and with compassion. We are a community that cares about each other. And we are resilient. With solid determination and care for each other, this will pass.

Our community will pull together against this challenge—like we always do!

Our community, united.

At United Way Winnipeg, we are already at work with our community partners and agencies developing shared solutions. United Way Winnipeg donors are collectively the largest stable investor outside of government in a network of health and social support services in our city.

On behalf of all United Way Winnipeg donors, we have reached out to agency partners to let them know that we will be with them through this. We have affirmed that they have full flexibility to use United Way donor dollars to best meet the needs of their participants.

Further, daily we are working closely with front-line agencies to identify the needs and issues that are emerging in this rapidly changing environment. We are assessing how we might today—and in the weeks ahead—support a united effort.

With our collective health and well-being in mind, United Way Winnipeg staff are now working from home. Our team is dedicated and with the support of technology, we are active, working hard to best support our community and those on the front lines.

In times like these, Winnipeggers look out for one another. While taking care of yourself, please take a moment for someone else. Call your elderly neighbour, video chat with your friend who lives alone. Email someone who may be isolated. People matter. Place matters. Because we love Winnipeg.  And because we always are, and always will be, stronger together.

Connie Walker
President & CEO, United Way Winnipeg

Need help?

211 Manitoba, our donor-supported online social service directory, has instructions on what to do if you think you have COVID-19 and links to accurate and timely information.

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