Sponsored Executives, loaned by companies and organizations across the city, make our fundraising campaign possible.

Sponsored Executives join our team to make our fundraising campaign possible!

United Way Winnipeg raises millions to invest in a city-wide web of essential services that helps thousands of people in our community.

An important part of the fundraising effort is the Leadership Development program. Employees from the public & private sectors are loaned by their employer for a 16-week period to help with the campaign, joining us at our office on Main Street as effective & efficient fundraisers.

Sponsored Executives bring energy & critical people-power to organizing hundreds of workplace campaigns across the city, from setting up campaign meetings, to managing events & creating awareness about how United Way is working to build a strong, healthy & safe community for all.

I'm interested in the Leadership Development program

How do employers benefit from loaning staff to United Way?

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  • Develop your future leaders

    Employees will come back ready to handle any challenge and be a stronger part of their team.

  • Activate your corporate social responsibility

    Experience a boost to staff morale & public perception as you demonstrate a commitment to our community.

  • Get recognized

    You’ll be acknowledged in Winnipeg workplaces, at United Way events, in print publications, our website & the local media.

  • Recharge your employees

    They’ll come back from the experience having learned to be to be fearless, to think on their feet & and to better understand our community.

How can employers get involved?

  • Providing 1 (or more!) of your employees for 14 weeks
  • Going the extra mile & committing to support the program with loaned staff for 3 years (14 weeks each fall)
  • Offering a sponsorship that allows us to hire Sponsored Executives
Let's get started!

How do employees benefit from coming to work at United Way?

“To know that you’re really out there, making a difference.”

  • Prove your leadership skills

    Sharpen your management & team-building skills.

  • Try your hand at new job skills

    You’ll receive professional training & experience in fundraising, event planning, project & time management, public speaking, sales and strategic analysis.

  • Expand your network

    You’ll make new contacts & have many networking opportunities—rub shoulders with all sorts of new people, including CEOs at some of Winnipeg’s most engaged workplaces.

  • Get certified

    You’ll receive a credential from the University of Manitoba’s United Way Winnipeg Leadership Development Certificate Program.

  • Make a real difference in our community

    Learn about the challenges facing our community & feel good about being a part of making a difference.

Talk to your supervisor if you’re ready for this intense, skill-building, heart-expanding experience. Have questions? Email us.

“We rise by lifting others.” —Robert Ingersoll

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