“Why I give to United Way Winnipeg.”

A guest post from Lieutenant-Colonel Brian M. Quick, Deputy Wing Commander, 17 Wing / CFB Winnipeg

Lieutenant-Colonel Quick is an ardent United Way Winnipeg supporter and an Employee Campaign Chair volunteer.

17 Wing's United Way Winnipeg Plane Pull team. Photo by Sergeant Daren Kraus.

17 Wing's United Way Winnipeg Plane Pull team. Photo by Sergeant Daren Kraus.

“I have lived in Winnipeg since July 2013 and see both its brilliance and its complexity.”

I appreciate that charity should be a selfless and humble act without fanfare, but as the Chair of our 17 Wing/CFB Winnipeg Government of Canada Workplace Charitable Campaign (GCWCC), I need to explain why I am giving and challenge you to think about why you should give as well.

I, like all of you, have many competing demands for my paycheque. We all have our personal issues and priorities. We also have our own personal opinions when it comes to being charitable.

But I have lived in Winnipeg since July 2013 and see both its brilliance and its complexity. I took the time this year to dig into United Way Winnipeg and found out that donors provide crucial funding to over 100 local non-profit agencies across the city.

From Meals on Wheels (which has many veterans as its customers), to the Boys and Girls Clubs across the city, to the Learning Disabilities Association of Manitoba, to the near $2 million invested in Indigenous agency partners – the diversity and range of services are staggering, as are the people who access those services.

When I found out that Winnipeggers visit a United Way agency partner every two minutes, I wanted to better support my community and be part of making Winnipeg stronger. So this year I put my money where my mouth is, and I committed to a $1,200 Leadership donation via pay deduction to United Way Winnipeg.

Every penny of my $1,200 donation directly supports the many United Way Winnipeg agencies in need. To be clear, the Government of Manitoba provides United Way Winnipeg with a grant to offset their administrative costs, so 100% of donations received by United Way Winnipeg goes to the charities with nothing held back.

Next, Payworks (a Winnipeg based company) has generously agreed to match every $1,200 donation from first-time Leaders, therefore my $1,200 donation instantly becomes a $2,400 donation thanks to Payworks.

Finally, my donation will partially come back to me via a charitable donation tax credit, so the benefit of $2,400 going to United Way Winnipeg will actually cost me approximately $700 once I factor in the tax credit.

So I am supporting United Way Winnipeg charities by giving them $2,400 and it is only costing me approximately $700.

That is just over $13 a week, and I can offset that by just one very small lifestyle change to save me $13 per week (for example skip the weekend car wash, skip a lunch out, or skip yet another coffee). $700 turns into $2,400 – that is amazing.

What impact does my donation make?

$2,400 gives 60 new moms childcare so they can go to a parenting support program, which can be a critical mental health and social support.

But feel free to give what you can either by payroll deduction or one-time donation.

A small donation still makes a difference, and when added to more small donations, programs flourish.

More importantly, your donation ensures stable funding in support of the over 100 local non-profit agencies supported by United Way Winnipeg.

When the GCWCC Ambassadors ask you to make a donation, please consider it in any amount. Your support is much appreciated.

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