Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce draws 50/50 winner

Over $4,000 for homelessness initiatives in Winnipeg

The Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce held its first-ever United Way Winnipeg 50/50 raffle, raising over $4,000 for homelessness iniatives in our city.

The draw took place at the annual State of the City event, featuring Mayor Brian Bowman.

Mayor Bowman addresses the crowd at the State of the City.

Photo courtesy of @Mayor_Bowman, Twitter.

Winner walks away with over $4,000!

The winning ticket number is 0104815.

The prize has been claimed.

We’re so grateful to the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce for their strength and leadership in our community. Together with Labour leaders, the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce helped found United Way Winnipeg in 1965—leading the way to a stronger city where we can all support each other through a community fund.

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