Winnipeg is a city where every one of us matters

Our CEO, Connie Walker, was proud to be among the community leaders asked by the Mayor to stand today in solidarity against racism in Winnipeg.

We are all deeply committed to a Winnipeg where everyone belongs, where every voice is heard, and where every child has a chance to grow up to be a healthy, whole person.

City Press Conference

United Way Winnipeg has been investing in Indigenous-led organizations since 1965—for the past 50 years, when the Indian and Metis Friendship Centre received $4,365.

Today we invest nearly $2 million annually in 10 Indigenous-led Winnipeg organizations. This past fall, thanks to Winnipegger’s generous support, we were able to increase funding by $10,000 to each and to put out a funding call to new Indigenous-led nonprofits.

With Indigenous scholars and community members, we’ve produced research like Eagle’s Eye View: An Environmental Scan of the Aboriginal Community in Winnipeg (PDF) and a second edition that builds knowledge, understanding, trust, connections and relationships within and between the Indigenous community, United Way Winnipeg, and the broader community.

We believe in building the capacity of all people to achieve their dreams, and are so proud to be part of a united Winnipeg.